Circle Of Hope House, Inc - An Organization Where People are Empowered to Arise Through Hope
Board of Directors
Message from the President: Alesia Ford-Burse
President Alescia Ford-BurseCircle of Hope House, Inc. (COHH, Inc.) is a Non Profit Organization with the purpose to provide assistance and supportive services to the Clay County Community. Through our efforts we have been able to focus our attention on high risk and underprivileged youth. Providing these children opportunities to receive after school care and counseling services.
Through our partnership with the local Clay County Emergency Food and Shelter Program, we provided assistance to those families in need in the area through utility and food services. COHH was able to deliver utility and food
assistance to over 20 families this summer.
Circle of Hope House, Inc. is a young organization within the community but we hope to be around for as long as the community is in need of hope and assistance. And during that time we have secured various grants from the local and federal government to help assist the mission and goal of COHH. We hope to propel COHH into a new arena by securing more funding for our projects.  
Maintaining our leadership within the Clay County community requires more than keeping up with the status quo, more than changing with the times. It requires innovative thinking, long-term goals and a commitment from COHH and the community to provide local children and families with the services and care they need.
At Circle of Hope House, we are honored to have the services of our devoted board members. We thank each one of our members for donating their expertise and committing to serve and help us make a difference. Our board members represent the community of Clay County with the will to serve our community selflessly.
Other Board Members include:
Cornelius Herbert - Director
Carol Owens- Treasure
Beatrice Armstrong- Director
Barbara Bivens- Secretary
Established in 2005, The Circle of Hope House, Inc was created to serve the surrounding community of Clay County Florida.